Times are changing...

Finding accommodation in West London is not easy.

High house prices and a lack of affordable rented housing mean that for many, finding accommodation on the open market is simply not a realistic option. The chronic shortage of accommodation also means that most councils and housing associations have strict eligibility requirements to make sure that their homes are allocated to those in most housing need.

It is essential, therefore, that you obtain specialist advice if you are looking for accommodation. You need to know what your housing rights are and should find out what assistance you may be entitled to. There are several options if you are seeking advice on housing issues.

This page has been designed to offer useful links & housing advice to help you obtain the information you need.


Welfare Reform

The Government are reforming the benefits system to help people to move into and progress in work, while supporting the most vulnerable.

Reforming the benefit system aims to make it fairer, more affordable and better able to tackle poverty, worklessness and welfare dependency. The Government are committed to overhauling the benefit system to promote work and personal responsibility.

These changes might affect you. Find out more about the changes by clicking here



Important Information about Tenancies and Rent

The Government has announced major changes to the way councils and housing associations can rent out homes, to ensure that social landlords can continue to build new homes.

There will be two main types of rent:
• social rents
• affordable rents

and two types of tenancy lengths:
• lifetime tenancies
• flexible tenancies

Most of the changes will only affect new tenants, but existing tenants may be affected if they move home.

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